//Autumn Day Nº 027.20
How everyone is doing? 
I hope you guys are all safe.
A lot has changed since my last blog.
Here in Australia, our lifestyle switched a lot in only a week and I can only imagine how tough it is over in Europe at the moment.
But we need to keep a positive mindset.
Use this time to be productive and maybe get into that project you left half-finished. Good times for it.
I'm finding myself digging into the archives and finding those B-sides images that I haven't shared yet (get ready, lots to come).
Stitching surf flags and working on some new designs it's how I fill the other half of the day.
Oh, btw...what's your favourite beach? I could make a custom for you!
Missing the surf? Check the WSL website, they are pulling out some rad stuff.
2007 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast video was epic! 
Here a little mixtape for you, to keep the beach vibe going.
Stay safe friends, talk to you soon.
__/``_ Davi

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