Sydney Surf Pro

//Autumn Day Nº 013.20
Big week of surfing in Sydney with lots of pros in town for the WSL Qualifying Challenger Series (the old 10.000).
Took a couple of ferries trip to Manly to check out the action and with names like Owen Wright, Adriano de Souza, Leo Fioravanti (Go Leo! Sorry I've been patriotic), Sally Fitz, Carissa Moore, and the list goes on and on, they definitely put on a show.
They had good waves at the start of the week but the swell is slowly running out.
The Men Round 5 is on as we speak. Tune in. 
In other news, next week the surf looks great. A big swell is rolling in, get ready.
In the meantime take a trip to the north side and go and watch the pros in action.
Have fun! 
__/``_ Davi

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